Bob Lazar area51 and flying saucers

Very poorly made and boring documentary. His story is fascinating and shit he was saying in 1989 turned out to be true years later. This documentary is junk though.


I thought it was pretty good. His appearance on JRE was better though, minus the ‘migraines’ lol. Not sure I believe him though but it’s fun to think about how crazy it would be if what he is saying is true.

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He talked about Element 115 back in 1989 and it wasnt officially discovered until 2003. He also spoke about one of the crafts turning belly up and flying which is exactly what one of the Navy released UFO footage showed. Passed lie detector tests, etc.

I just remember that the Mo director sure did want to be part of the story.

That dude is a weirdo

mick west debunked a lot of lazars claims.
im iffy on lazar


Element 115 was known years before lazar mentioned it. Dude is a grifter. His story falls apart with just a little bit of critical thinking

yes, the periodic table had the listing for the elements up to 117 or something, but they werent “discovered” yet.
this is a enjoyable podcast

Yeah unfortunately he’s full of it. Might be some truth to some of what he says, but he lies far too much to romanticise it

Don’t be fooled by element 115. We know about these elements long before official discovery.

Bob Lazar is an absolute fruit loop and attention whore.

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I have met Bob Lazar in person. He was fun to talk too and a cool guy

Seems a bunch of OGers don’t want Bobs story to have any credibility…

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Just finished. Good listen. It’s hard to say his story holds weight after listening to that. Pretty convenient an article in scientific American talking about element 115 being potentially stable a month before his first interview where he claims it’s propelled by the highly stable element 115. Yet people always use that as proof.
Anyways, thanks for the new podcast to listen to

I watch a lot of these Documentaries, book of secrets, ancient aliens and what not, whats crazy is the underground bases all over the world, Germany was known for them, you could literally hide anything in them so wouldn’t be surprised at all and really don’t care.

It’s not really a podcast about ufo and sci Fi stuff. More an invester/finance podcast, so u may be disappointed

I noticed that and that’s what I was excited about, plus the random shit to change it up. But it seems the only thing they talk about is gold for investing. Am I wrong? It looks like schiff is on every other episode.

It’s an interesting story but there are far too many holes that the documentary willingly ignored.

I’d like to believe him but my brain says no

Biggest thing for my is him saying he saw an alien back in the day at area 51/s4 then he realized thats retarded and now says “It couldve been a dummy or something…” lol.

Lazar is like Herpes, keeps coming back. He’s a felon and known liar, basically an astute con man.

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