Bob Lazar area51 and flying saucers

There has been scientists who worked at Los Alomas who have come out and said they worked with Lazar, and knew him as a physicist. I’ll try and get their names and quotes. Can you get me a link to that Scientific American article because according to what i’ve found, E115 wasn’t discovered until 2003.

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listen to the podcast. it mentions that on the periodic table, they had elements all the way up to 118, but they were all theoretical at that stage. element 115 was theoretical and they knew it existed, but they were trying to actually create it. when they did create it, it had a half life of 0.5secs. highly unstable.
either way, moscovium, element 115 was known before lazar mentioned it. wiki states 1979 when it was called ununpentium

Thing is, we have the periodic table of chemical elements. Teams all over the world try to discover the next elements on the list, however ephemeral its existance may be. It’s not a great prediction.

Listen to that podcast someone posted. Worked at subcontractor Kirk Meyer. Scanner known. Element 115 (which lazar mischaracterized) known just not synthesized until 2003.

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don’t think that’s him, but if it is he looks incredibly quick and athletic. Funny thing is, half that shit would work on an untrained opponent.

yeah, hand scanners were EVERYWHERE in the 80’s! lol.

It’s funny, Bob stated he knew of 9 different styles of craft, and now Navy Pilots, airforce, and commercial pilots all report swarms of UAP’s. Yet here we are arguing if a guy with a mullet is/was legit. Seriously, these things should not be ignored and more people should be talking about this.

He certainly does not come across as a lier.
I have a hypothesis. I call it the bob lazar bet.

We’ve known about them ever since Henry Moseley reorganized the periodic table by atomic number in the early 1900s.

It wasn’t discovered in 2003. It was synthesized in a lab.


Mendeleev’s produce 2 versions of his periodic table. Neither one had Element 115 on it. 1st table is from 1869 and the 2nd from 1871.

I didn’t say since Mendeleev, I said since Moseley. The idea of having ‘blanks’ in the table representing theoretical elements is what I posted that for.

I know, but neither Mendeleev nor Moseley postulated 115. So, this begs the question, who did and who described it with the qualities Lazar did prior to 1989?

Moseley’s rearrangement in 1913 allowed for predictions of properties of these undiscovered elements. We have known since the 40s that heaver transuranium elements could be sysnthesized by fusion and had ideas about their general properties.

Okay, then who predicted the properties of 115? Because we can both agree that prior to it being synthesised in 2003, someone had to postulates it’s properties.

My point is that the process of predicting heavier transuranium elements started in 1913. An elements placement on the modern periodic table alone told you quite a bit about what you would expect an element to behave like. We really began to understand how they could be synthesized in the 40s and by the 60s we had good ideas about many of their properties. Element 115 is not unique in this regard. The idea that this knowledge had to come from aliens is ridiculous.

Two things can be true at once. These pilots could be seeing something, and lazar is nothing but a shitty liar. He most certainly should be ignored.

What about when you’re out in the cosmos though…

He may well be talking sit , and more than likely is. But certainly is not a shitty lier. He’s a incredibly good lier if one at all. For any discrepancies in his story there should be 10 times the amount. Only 1 in 10000 would be able to pull off what he’s claiming. If that.

Yikes… that’s rough. That being said I’m likely a much more skilled BJJ practitioner than him and I couldn’t do half that shit, nor would I. I believe Lazar about 95% but I also really want to believe so my opinion is trash.