Bob Sanders out for the season

5 out of 7 seasons he's missed at least 10 games. Only got 2 games in this season before getting sent to IR.

Yep, but people always ride his jock. He's great when healthy, but I'd much rather have a slightly less talented guy back there who can stay on the field.

 I think most in Indy have lost interst in him at this point. Thing is, he isn't going anywhere. he'll be back next year.

He'll be traded or cut after this year.

When he plays he's great. He's never healthy though.

 He's going nowhere IMO.

he's like mike brown for the bears a couple years ago..

Govnor -  He's going nowhere IMO.

Many websites and NFL experts are saying the Colts will try to trade him and if they can't he'll be cut.

No team wants to have their salary cap used up by a player who can't even stay healthy through a full season.

he cant help that he gets hurt all the time. true fans would understand.. its frustrating.. but how do u think he feels?

probaly 1000 x worst for him then some fat nacho stained fan sitting in the stands

 honestly i like the guy and i'm sorry that he's hurt

but realistically this only helps my steelers get to the superbowl again

 Im a colts season ticket holder and a huge sanders fan but it is time to cut him loose.....

 he gets hurt all the time for the same reason that makes him so great. he plays with intensity every play and is willing to sacrifice his body to deliver hard hits. i've heard he's like that in practice too.