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Enjoy and Happy New Year to all on the Forum... 2005 will be an historic year for the UFC and MMA and I thank all of you for your continued support of our great sport... UFC/MMA fans are the "Best Damn Fight Fans Period"!


Bruce Buffer

Interview with Bob Sapp
By Jeremy Wall (December 28, 2004)
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After a long layoff which saw him fight zero times since losing to Ray Sefo under K-1 rules in June, Bob Sapp is back in Japan, and he's back just in time for the biggest one-night television ratings war of the year on New Year's Eve as Sapp will be taking on Jerome LeBanner in a MMA vs. K-1 modified rules fight in one of the biggest matches on K-1's card, as it will go up against a Pride event and the highest rated show of the year on an annual basis in Japan in the Red & White concert all in one night.

Amazing... some of you really make me laugh and yet help me appreciate more all the time and effort put into promoting MMA by those other than myself.

With all respect, let me ask you wonderful "know it all" critics a few questions...

  1. "What have you done personally to promote the UFC and MMA to the public, outside of MMA forums, in the last few years?

*Please do not answer with "I tell friends, read the internet and post my thoughts on MMA forums".

  1. "Have you personally ever spent thousands or even $100 of your own money, not counting the management time and effort needed, to promote MMA in a class fashion in the last year through the media to the public?

*Please don't give some lame answer like, "I bought a ticket to the UFC in 2002".

  1. Have you ever run a business or even a lemonade stand when you were a kid and made a profit... or created and managed an MMA web site or another business you felt passionate about, while personally investing thousands of dollars, while not expecting to make a profit or to even always cover costs to do such, other than to give MMA and the UFC another area of media promotion to UFC/MMA fans and to help create other new UFC/MMA fans?

  2. In your life, have you ever acted on a thought or a dream and made it happen, even if it was or wasn't successful other than thinking about and coming up with grand ideas and dreams only never to act upon them like 98% of the world's population do?

In addition, if any of you wish to submit a quality interview with Bob Sapp or any other MMA figurehead, feel free to send it to us at and our editor will critique your work, possibly post it and of course "pay you" for your article, time, selection of material and writing expertise.

Now go out there and be who you can be for MMA and the UFC in 2005!... if you choose to.


Bruce Buffer

bruce relax I really dont see anyone cutting you on this thread......

socal and Deeder:

I feel great... my post has nothing to do with me being criticized, which I didn't take as such from your posts... I was just going to bat for the people other than me involved with MAX or any other web site for that matter, that is just trying to do their passionate best to provide some daily entertainment and reading for you and the fans.

Deeder: I guess when I hear the word "suck" relating to other peoples efforts such as Jeremy Wall, I get a little defensive on their behalf, knowing what it takes to keep MAX alive and I praise Jeremy Wall for his will to provide us with interviews and articles which I personally find enjoyable to read.

Before this thread possibly became a unecessary bust on Maxfighting I just wanted to provide some questions as fuel for thought.

Most importantly... I truly wish all of you a great 2005 and again thank you for all your support.

See you from the Octagon on Feb. 5th!

Thanks Deeder!!!

That is a great interview with the biggest name in the sport!
And it has the line of the year in MMA (read it to find out :-)