Bob Sapp on AOL...................

I am always watching MMA highlight videos in one of my computer classes. And I always talk about it with my teacher who is a former amatuer boxer. He said to me today "Ya know I signed on to AOL yesterday and the first picture that popped up in the news section was one of those Ultimate Fighting guys that you watch...I don't recall the name but he was an ex football player, and he was fighting this huge guy who they said was a sumo wrestler." I explained to him who Bob sapp and Akebone were and how they were fighting in K-1... he said "Yeah that's the guy, Bob Sapp." I then told him how alot of those matches (Sapp Vs. Akebono) are put together to draw in money and when fighters like Sapp face good fighters they get knocked out (Ex Sapp Vs. Cro-Cop in K-1). I guess it's good coverage for MMA/Kickboxing but I wish they would show and article on a good MMA fight like maybe Thomas Vs. just gives a better impression to people who are un-educated about the sport..

i saw it too .Timmy u wrestling this year VC has a great time

"when fighters like Sapp face good fighters they get knocked out "

That's true, a guy like Ernesto Hoost will destroy Sapp.

Daren, I was wrestling this year unfortunatly, I was in a bad automobile accident and had to stop...not because I was injured but because I needed to get another job durning the winter to pay off my car. I was extermely upset about the whole thing. Anyone who has wrestled in high school knows it is damn near impossible to have a job during a season. Hopefully I will be back in the summer for Greco and Freestyle.