Bob Sapp on Kimmel Show Tonight

Don't know if it's been posted already, but The Beast will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight on ABC. It's on right now, started at 12:05 EST.

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From Puroresu Power:

"At 12:45 AM EST on Thursday on the ABC network, he appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." "Not since Godzilla has Tokyo seen a monster of this size." Kimmel introduced Sapp as the person who "may very well be Mike Tyson's next opponent." Sapp got a huge, huge pop from the crowd - especially from Japanese women in the front row (who had good English skills). Sapp did his "hahahahahaha" call and the women went nuts. Sapp went into a quick discussion about how he became popular in Japan, and then Kimmel showed a Bob Sapp action figure. Kimmel joked that there was some real action "going on there" - pointing to the huge crotch on the Sapp figure. Sapp told Kimmel that he drinks orange juice with sushi, and that in an eating contest he once ate 48 pieces of sushi. Sapp asked Amanda Byrnes to touch his head, and when she was about to do it, Sapp shriveled the skin on top of his head and Kimmel remarked, "It looks like a walnut." Sapp told Kimmel that he has about 200 sponsor/product deals including children's products and commercials. Sapp relayed the story about a "handicapped man" who got trampled in a mob crowd going to see Sapp. Sapp went to pick up the handicapped man, the man pulls out his cell phone, and takes a picture and runs off. Sapp said that the Tyson fight was all but official, that he didn't know where it would take place (the main site candidate is Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii) but that he would be allowed to "kickbox" while Tyson would just do straight boxing."

Yawn ...Sapp sucks . Send him back to the little people who like him so much.