Bob Sapp Responds to James Thompson and Ariel

Bob Sapp came on The 6th Round Podcast and took the show hostage, he trash talks James Thompson, tells us why he doesn't like Ariel Helwani.

Other Topics:
He tells us why the cage will never be successful in Asia.
He shares some sex stories.
Shares his high point and low point in his career.


To The Tap

He is being himself and he talks A LOT, really gives you a different look at the MMA world.

The end is pretty funny.

Oh dear.  Sapp is sadder than a sad thing that's terminally sad. Anytime I hear his name I just think :(

Shame as he seems like quite a nice bloke 

That's what repeated shots to the head will do.

Bob "Plays you for a" Sapp needs to stop with the trolling

I wish Sapp would just fade away from the MMA scene.

I dont wanna see him or hear from him ever again...

Just started to listen now.
People should remember that what Bob Sapp did will never EVER be done again. He competed at the top level in MMA, Kickboxing an J.Pro Wrestling. AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Half the time he was unsure of the rules (lol as I'm sure you would have seen)
I understand his gimmick nowadays leaves a bad taste in a lot of mouths but if any promoters book him expecting any different, then that is on them. Not many people can say that the shared a ring with such greats that Bob Sapp did.

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I have only seen it once but enjoyed it although i can never find it to share so if anyone knows what I am talking about please upload if possible...

He did an interview with Sam Pagal for Sam's show called The Battle. It was very candid and was like a silly game where if Sam won he showed a Sapp defeat(CroCop) and if Sapp won he showed a victory(Hoost)

Sure they covered 5 fights in total or something like that within the hour show and showed them with Sapp giving his insight. Was really good and show's an honest, sincere side of him that he doesn't let out that often.

did Bob Sapp start eating lawn clippings again?

Can't remember the last time I cared to see Sapp fight or even hear what he has to say as its all become a joke now. Props to him getting his paydays though.

I don't know who's more retarded, Sapp or that Thompson guy.

Only joking JT ;) Phone Post 3.0