BOB SAPP training @ GIBSON'S

Bob Sapp, Ivan Salverry and Mike Whitehead are all training at Gibson Kickboxing in Port Moody for the next week, preparing for Sapp's upcoming fight w/ Fujita. He is absolutley GIGANTIC!! He's also in town filming for the movie "electra"

Matt Hume will also be training w/us this friday...



That's awesome, but one'd you fit him through the
door ?


WHAT THE HELL!!!??? there's an Electra movie coming out!? Insane.

Filming right now sir, that means one thing to me, Elecktra
herself, Jennifer "Hottie" Garner is in Canada...and that bastard
Greg Allen is probably seeing her on a daily basis LOL !!!

I'll never forgive him for spending his "hard working" days with
Jessica Biel while filming 'Blade-Trinity' :)


That's awesome. Are you guys rolling with him at all?

"there's an Electra movie coming out!? Insane. "

say it ain't so

Greg... if this is true. We want pictures. :)

He was doing technique w/Matt Hume and Mike Whitehead, but we did wrestle Ivan Salverry and Akira Shoji. Everybody was there today training, Mr.G, Ryan, Kultar,Cam,Todd and Myself. Awesome class.

Blake... kinda off topic, but when are you fighting again? I was impressed with your fight against Ouimet and hope to see you again soon!

I fight this Saturday in Guam vs Justin Mercado from Grappling Unlimited. I will hopefully be back in the Next TKO..

Nice! Good luck!