Bob Sapp VS. Mike Tyson


A few days ago on Espn I saw Bob Sapp compete in K-1. He won the fight. The person he fought I do not know his name I think it is hoosk or something. I sorta recognize him. I think he is a really God kick boxer and Bob Sapp beat him. Do you think if Tyson fought Bob Sapp in the K-1 that Bob Sapp would beat Tyson? What does everyone think?

Well, Maybe Bob Sapp doesn't have to be a good kick boxer cause he beat this other kick boxer.

He beat HOOST...but HOOST has been way out of his prime for years. Mr. Perfecto seems actually FABBY and slow. Sapp got skooled by BERNARDO recently...he wouldn't last a round with MIKE unless he clinches.

Oh I see. Thanks for the info heman. Is there chance the two may fight any time soon, or is it just forgoten?

Sapp would be slaughtered by tyson

If Mike Tyson decided to fight MMA, he would be unbeatable. If Tyson wanted to play basketball, he would be better than Michael Jordan ever dreamed of being. If he played golf, Tiger Woods would be his caddy. Mike Tyson is the best athlete ever, enough said. Mike said himself, "I could have been a brain surgeon".

Gary Hughes

Gary "I can beat Jesus in a water walking contest " Hughes...Tyson would get tooled by plenty of MMA guys SApp just isn't one of them styles make fights and unfortunately Sapps style is sloppy and wild he gasses extremely quickly and he is VERY slow...

If you said Matt Hughes,Randy C, Mirko or a plethora of others I would most likely agree that Tyson would most likely lose. Your hatred and delusion in your own abilities amazes me . You come of as a bitter old man who's last hope for notoriety is grasping at intangible dreams that you a some mystical warrior from a video game . So go forth Heihachi Mishima, Go on Akuma, Or are you Shang Tsung? You live in a dream world a video game but its you being played because in life you are not the player are just a sad delusional old man ......


In K-1 I can't really be sure who would win between Tyson and Sapp. But I am confident that in MMA like Pride Sapp would get Tyson. By armbar.


tyson will ko him...

tapsforfood...I never picked Sapp over Tyson and never joke about Jesus.

Gary Hughes