Bobbby Southworth good guy!

I've never met him, but he just seems like someone you would want on your team and train with, and be around. He gives off good energy. Positive attitude, great fighter, and just seems like a cool guy. I would like to train with him sometime.

i agree.

It's all an act. I heard when he heard he was going to do the show he started taking acting classes.

those fuckin types of saws are weak anyways....

Bobby would be someone id surely want to train with.


Actually, the night before that challenge, I snuck out to the tool shed grabbed all the green saws,and tried to cut the boulders by the pool.

So, you know those saws were dull.

They also had petrifying solution that I poured on their log. It was hard as a rock come morning.

That's why they are all calling it a pole!!!!

He's a good guy, but apparently, not that funny.


Well, I guess I'll have to add that to a long list of faults.

Does it seem like I'm trying to hard??????

nah bobby, i'm just playin. i'm a big fan and i think you're the man.