Bobby Green surgery pic (graphic)

Torn quadricep tendon!

As grim as that is; looks like a really tidy, quality job by the surgeon Phone Post 3.0

unzips pants

Speedy recovery Bobby! Win or lose, he's got a fun style to watch.

Yuck Phone Post 3.0

Bobbys cawk? Phone Post 3.0

That is the 3rd nastiest vagina I have ever seen

Are those dark things stitches? Hard to tell on my phone. Phone Post 3.0

Dead President - unzips pants
Lmao Phone Post 3.0

I want to finger bang that shit.

Did they draw a smiley face on him?

That's gnarly.

Good lord. Phone Post 3.0

But no nipples Phone Post 3.0

i'd fuck it

First thing I thought was maggots or some kind of bug lol

He posted this on facebook a couple days ago Phone Post 3.0

Smiley face might be what they make the patient draw to indicate what is the proper leg to operate on.

Each time I had my knees scoped they did that. Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure he just brushed it off.

firstrodeo - I'm sure he just brushed it off.
Zing! Phone Post 3.0