Bobby Hoffman in Pride GP...

why has no one mentioned Bobby Hoffman?

Hoffman's record in Japan:

7-1 (5 KO's)

He might not be the most talented but he always fights an exciting fight and has lots of KO power.

Hmmmm, could be a personality thing.

Japanese like people, fighters included, they might not dig his woman beating convictions


who is more deserving...Stefan Leko or Bobby Hoffman?

We'd finally get to see Hoffman/Fedor which didn't happen in Rings

He has a criminal record and wouldn't be allowed into Japan.

Leko is way more popular in Japan than Hoffman.

I support Bobby.

He would not be easy for anybody in the GP to beat IMO.

Pleeeeze - Not deserving at all. Not even remotely as popular as Leko.

uhm... i can think of other american fighters with criminal records who have faught in japan.

"uhm... i can think of other american fighters with criminal records who have faught in japan."

From my understanding that is why Tyson hasn't fought in K-1 yet or made an appearance.

Sad thing is, he'd kill half the guys out of the original sixteen. Even the more credible guys.

tyson has faught in japan since his rape conviction hasnt he? If im not mistaken Rampage has some kind of conviction against him. If you serve your time I dont think theres anything that stops you from going to japan?

Bobby is busy with Gladiator Challenge. So he is probaly not interested in Pride.

"If im not mistaken Rampage has some kind of conviction against him."

Charles I think those charges were dropped.

Ok I didnt want to put any names because I dont know any of this as fact more just internet hearsay and I dont want to start or spread any BS rumors.

he should be there.

"Leko is a beast, I am glad he is in the GP...if he has a sprawl somebody is getting KTFO."

well, that's cool...i didnt know anything about him...if he can defend anything like CroCop then Ogawa is in trouble!

but i think Bobby would do well

why hasnt Ricco Rodriguez been invited to the GP? is he not deserving after he got robbed of a dec after dominating Nog?

RICCO UPDATE Just something to follow up with from yesterday's story. This weekend's event in Redding, California was not an IFC event. Paul Smith from the IFC did do some behind the scenes work, but the event was done by a group called PC 415, Rage at the River which was held at the Win River Casino.As far as Ricco Rodriguez goes, he did talk with police this weekend about his role in the melee after the heavyweight fight. Police did take his picture, they filed paperwork, but they did eventually let him go according to a few of the fighters at the event. As far as formal charges go, it's up to the district attorney to see if they have a case or not. We will see what happens, but most likely nothing will happen from this weekend's show.Source: MMA Weekly

Hoffman would be very competitive against several of those fighters, I'd like to see him in the mix.

I think if you have a criminal record (maybe felony) you have to
have special permission to go to Japan. I just read that they are
trying to get it for Tyson.