Bobby Lashley not on Strikeforce: Nashville

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                                Bobby Lashley not on Strikeforce: Nashville

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Bobby Lashley Sorry for the delay in responding to all of you who are eager to see me fight again. I will not be on the Strikeforce card in April, but my training is going very well and I'm fully prepared to step into the cage when the time is right. I will let you know as soon as my next fight is set!

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What? No last minute cans to fight this week? Awe c'mon Bobby... we are all sooooo looking forward to your next competitive match-up.

Gary Goodridge was unavailable...and Bob Sapp turned down a rematch b/c Strikeforce wouldn't pay him enough to lose, no fight.

 where is cabbage these days?

I was really looking forward to his next fight. I'm interested to see how well he is progressing and whether or not he is going to become a legit 'fighter' instead of a built-up star, ala Kimbo.

CLINTK9 - Funny everyone calls Lashleys fights works, but some defend Minowa's legitamatcy to the death. A 265 lbs Wrestler taking people down & pounding them out is less believable than a little japanese guy leg locking every giant he faces in country thats known for works & trying to build/create thier own stars. So Scott coker, the other promotions he fought for are all in for doing works and possibly destroying MMA reputation, I think not!

I don't think Lashley weighed in at 265 for any of his fights. He probably didn't want to risk losing against anyone decent.

john joe - Lashley vs Pudzianowski might be a good match

If Pudz could stuff a TD in could be.

If not, it'll look like Lashley/Sapp all over again.

john joe - Lashley vs Pudzianowski might be a good match




Don Frye likes to cash checks.

yeah, he doesn't want none of Shane Del Rosario.

The Notorious OMG - yeah, he doesn't want none of Shane Del Rosario.

I guess Tank Abbot wasn't available either...