Bobby Lashley to fight Ron Waterman Next

gangsta101 - 

and if he took the fight with Fedor everyone would be complaining that hasn't done anything to deserve it - although since Lesnar steamrolled the UFC HW divison I guess its now expected for pro wrestlers to fight the highest level of competition available straight away since they come from a tougher sport.

Correct.  Pre-Brock, most ignorant MMA fans thought pro wrestlers couldn't hack it in their sport.  Now, pro wrestlers are expected to challenge Fedor within the first year of their transition to MMA. 

While it's nice to see the fans effectively admit pro wrestling's superiority, I think they should cut Lashley some slack.  He only does MMA part-time as a warmup for his big fights with the Main Event Mafia.

 uh, i have a feeling that ends in a submission for sure

 oh great, another lashley WORK coming up.

This fight will determine the true #1 HW fighter. Lashley might even make his case for #1 P4P in the world.


Dexter Morgan - Waterman by keylock.