Bobby Ologun

Without spoiling it, I have to say that Ologun/Abidi was entertaining (compared to Musashi/ O'Haire). What are folks on this Japan forum thinking in terms of this match? I know Ologun is a comedian in Japan, but does he have an athletic background?

All I know about his background is a recent segment on a TV show this year, that updated you very so often on his learning Judo.

As far as I know he went from no knowledge to eventually passing his Judo BB test.

But then, he is clearly a big strong guy - which seemed to help him during his test as he managed to simply overpower a lot of the people (much smaller) he had to fight.

Oh - I seem to recall him also fighting Royce on TV.

He has been training at Grabaka for about 10 months. Kikuta was in his corner for the fight.