Bobby Peavler to fight 6ft 8 in Rocky Overstreet

Bobby "Papa Big Country" Peavler (1-1) will face his toughest opponent yet on November 28th in Memphis, TN: 2-0 Rocky Overstreet.

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 ttt Bobby is cool as hell!

Going to be an awesome card.

Lil John "Doo Doo" Brown vs Chris Price is going to be a great fight. Doo Doo is coming off another big win this past weekend in Jackson.

Also on the card is John Harris, James Orso and Randy Hedderick.

Should be an awesome night...

I will be there!!

Street is something you shouldnt have to fight over.

I cannot stop laughing about "Lil John "Doo Doo" Brown"... help me, i can't...

Doo Doo Brown best nickname in MMA

I'm kinda partial to "The Exorcist";)

to hell with nicknames. Just being "Jon Brown" is mainly enough for me.



I dont think this match is happening. They have rocky matched with someone else now. The guy is out of Kentucky.