Bobby Southworth vs RGracie videos

Very interesting..

That's pretty messed up. If we are to believe everything that Bobby is saying, then Ralph is in the wrong. There are always 2 sides to every story. But from what little I've seen about Bobby, he seems to be a good guy. He looked like a decent guy in the UFC show. He was trying to prevent the Canadian kid from quiting. Seems like a good guy to me.

Anyway, someone was looking for a school to train a few weeks ago on the UG and he mentioned a couple of the Gracie schools including Ralph's and he commented that he has heard bad stuff about Ralph and he'd rather go to another school.

Again, there are always 2 sides to every story.

When did that altercation take place?

I'm not a Gracie fan to say the least, but Bobby was clearly looking for trouble by saying "You got a problem?!"

He got what he deserved. He could have been equally forceful pressing his claim for his fighter without instigating a fight.

Are you sure about that? It sounds to me like the first one to say "you got a problem?" was Ralph. I could be wrong.

Listen to it again. I may be wrong.

It's hard to hear for me too. Maybe somebody with better ears/speakers can make a definitive statement.



Yes, the Ralph vs Boby on crutches incident.

Yeah, listen to those clips in the link. He gets into a lot of detail of their history.

Protecting the rules of the competition and your student is in the "wrong"? The FACT is that Ralph threw a punch at a guy on crutches. How can you respect a guy like that?

So what's the deal between the two? Or is it very hush hush?

"So what's the deal between the two? Or is it very hush hush?"

I have heard one of them tried to check the other's oil back when they trained together.

Not naming names tho

askin Ralph if he had a problem started the whole thing then saying ur the one who is running ur mouth when in fact Bobby is the one talking

Ralph should not have punched a guy on crutches, but it was Bobby's fault that the argument exculated from a disagreement about rules..which happens at all tournaments..into a fight but asking if ralph had a problem and telling him he was running his mouth. PLus he refused Ralph's apology abuot the incident as well

Bobby shoulda kept his composure, he shoulda expected shenanigans at the Gracie Open.

ouaaa...he almost crapped his pants. and when they were outside, it looked as everyone was going to jump on him to beat him.

Ralph punching Bobby on cruthes is just funny. I've watched it many times and it still never loses its comedy value.

Also, how stupid do you have to be to shout at Ralph like that, at his own tournament, in front of his students. Crutches or not you ahve to expect to be punched at least.

If what Bobby says is true then you have to stick up for your student. You can't not say something just cause it's Ralph Gracie and he might fly off the handle.

Bobby should have aired his grievance in a more tactful manner but why should you expect to get punched for sticking up for a student...

"You can't not say something just cause it's Ralph Gracie and he might fly off the handle."

Yeah you can. You can discuss it in a calm manner, but I'm not stupid enough to shout "Fuck you!" to someone like Ralph, who could, and most importantly, would hurt me very badly given the opportunity. Especially when I'm on crutches.

Sticking up for your student is one thing (and there's nothing wrong with that), but stupidity deserves to be punished. Bobby could easily have tried to raise a valid point calmly, but chose not to. He should have taken his anger out by throwing a water bottle at the referee.