Bobby Southworth vs RGracie videos

I don't think Southworth had to get mouthy but he had to say something with regards to his student getting screwed.

He can't avoid saying something about his student just cause it's Ralph Gracie is what I mean't. He most definitaly could have been more tactful about it.

You gotta stick up for your students.

Guys, I see it differently. The audio is aweful and they didn't capture the whole argument clearly from the beginning. But from how it traspired, it looks to me like Bobby mentioned the discrepancy, Ralph didn't like it, and the argument got louder until Ralph punched him. Unless I heard wrong, it was Ralph who first said "you go t a problem?". Am I right or did I hear it wrong?

Anyway, no matter what Ralph shouldn't have hit him. Ralph is an ambassador for bjj and the Gracie family. Now instead of one loose cannon (Ryan), it seems they have 2. Any other loose cannons I don't know about in the family? Renzo seems like a hell of a nice guy and ambassador for the family and bjj. They should all follow his example.

I didn't know that about Renzo. I always see the on camera persona which is calm and likeable.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting what Bobby was saying about Ralph telling him not to teach the secrets of bjj to anyone when Ralph was training Bobby. How does that work? If you train with the Gracie family they will teach you all the good stuff in cluding the BEST stuff but you have to promise not to teach others the BEST stuff later when you teach on your own? How does that work and does it mean that a lot of people out there are learning a watered down ver of bjj because of this "promise"?

it like he said fuck you, i sadi fuck you, and then you hit me.....

just becuase he's a gracie doesn't make him worthy of any more basic respect than anyone else....

A guy on crutches, even an MMA fighter on crutches, is a guy on crutches. Hitting someone on crutches is pretty low. OBVIOUSLY they are not going to be able to properly defend themselves.

I wonder how soon it will be until Ralph gets himself stabbed or shot doing something like that.

underhill is correct. Regardless of the circumstances, the bottom line is he was on crutches. Its not like he called Ralph's mother a whore. He said "Fuck you". You dont just go around punching poeple who say "fuck you", and much less if that person is on crutches, thats just weak.

what kind of sport is this whne you can't even have "words" with someone.....

So in a UFC rules, no weight limit match..Ralph or Bobby?

Is this the incident that resulted from Ralph wanting two of his student(who passed on grappling each other for a semi final) fight for first and second,while Bobby's student(who should have simply been declred second place) gets an automatic third?

If so Bobby was right except for the way he went about it,IMHO.

I have met both of them, and they have both been very nice to me, but the situation was ugly.  I was there, but I was outside of the gym when it happened.  From what I have heard, it was Ralph's fault.  But then again, that was all hearsay.

Racer X, yes, that is the same incident we are discussing here.

Bottom line guys, you can't put your hands on someone else no matter what they say to you. Once you touch somebody it's assault and battery, right? Now Bobby on the other hand had the right to hit him back because he was attacked.

So there is no chance of them ever getting in the ring? This has internet grundge match all over it..

Zuffa make it happen!

MMAFAN is correct

It look to me that Booby accused Ralph of cheating and being dishonorable. It sounded like he said that Ralph was trying to rig the tournament so his fighter could get second place.

It look to me that is what set Ralph off. He look like he was walking away until bobby sound something like "I do have a problem with you trying to cheat and get your fighter second place. Something like that.


for ralph to be the organizer of the tournament and treat someone like
that is highly unprofessional. it sets a terrible example for his students
and he should be ashamed of himself.

imo, southworth had to stick up for his guy. he is the coach and thats
part of his job. he could have handled it in a more tactful manner, but
there are no excuses for it escalating to violence.

"I'm not a Gracie fan to say the least, but Bobby was clearly looking for trouble by saying "You got a problem?!"

Very well said.

"He got what he deserved. He could have been equally forceful pressing his claim for his fighter without instigating a fight"

Absolutely.....I agree 100%

I thought Bobby already commented on this a while back?

jesus christ this is soooo fuckin old