Bobby Southworth, where are you?

No probs, ANCONAS GYM.

Done already.

never got it yet!!!

I e-mailed Bobby and asked him to contact you, ANCONAS GYM.

As I said, I don't know if Bobby wants me to give his e-mail address out to anybody, so I e-mailed him on your behalf and sent hime your e-mail address.

Best I could do; trust it's OK with you.


I heard Southworth left American Kickboxing Academy and that David Camarillo (sp?) is now teaching there.


thanks sean, but i found his number earlier today

he was on 736 crutchs!!!!


Hope you understand about not giving out his contact info. You could be a rapist, for all I know!


he called me today, thanks

ttt i know he out there

bobby? you there?

ttt for the Bobster