Bobby Southworth

Isn;t he the one who fought in Pride against Vitor?
Anyhow, he's a cool guy... It takes alot more to say what he did to that half assed fighter than to say what Leben said.

Yea Vitor choked him out at Pride 13.

Speaks to his and Lodune's character that they were both trying to motivate the guy.

Southworth didn't have much offense in the fight and got choked a few minutes in.

It was a weird match. Some have suggested that they agreed beforehand not to strike. I don't think either threw a punch.

I respect him alot for supporting the Canadian in there.  In a contest like this, it takes a lot to step up to someone's aid like that.    

I think Bobby took the fight with Vitor on a week's notice

didn't he have an altercation with Ralph while on crutches???

"I don't think either threw a punch. "

Vitor threw a bunch of punches from behind Bobby when they were on the ground.

The bobby vitor fight was like 6 years ago.

Wasn't it more like four years ago?

i know bob said about the choke- he turned him back to stand up cuz on tapes vitor always strikes in that position.

still hes on there for a chance at a ufc debut, but hes been in pride heheh

david paaluhi knocked him cold in 16 sec. in warriors quest 4 in hawaii in 2002

Bobby came across as a great guy with a attitude that one needs to be looked up to.


still not sure why that Canadian is on the show. Nobody here in Canada knows who he is. They could have easily picked some fighters with experience that can represent well to compete with Leben, Southworth, Forrest and others. No....they picked the gymnastics specialist.


I hope Booby makes it far.
He seems like a genuine good guy.

Pulling the guy aside and telling him to not give up his dream was a very nice thing to do!

He seems like a good guy & I hope he does well on the show

anybody know what he has been doing lately?

UPS driver when he is not fighting.