Boca & Renato Results -NAGA Hawaii

Moacir "Boca" Oliviera defeated Kendall Goo by points. Boca went guard and went for several omoplatas attempts. Kendall got Boca's back off of a crucifix (not sure on all the details) Boca was able to pass and mount at the end of the match. I think the final was 4-4 with Boca getting the decision.

Congrats to Boca!!

Renato lost to Baret by a score of 11-4. Again, not sure on the score and the sequence, but I think Baret had some omoplata attempts, sweep, and pass. Renato had a sweep or 2 to score his points.
Nice win for Baret, Renato is tough to beat.

Look for Renato to fight in the next AFC - Oct. 30 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

edited the score.
American Top Team

Congrats to Boca and I feel sorry for Mike Brown Reanto is going to take his frustrations out on him.

nickhh- I think Kirik will have full results in a couple of days.