Bodog = ALL GOOD

I have been around mma since the beginning.Zuffa brought mma out of its infancy and has continued to elevate the sport. Thank you zuffa.
Bodog has now entered the arena. Its CEO is committed to bringing the sport and the business to even higher levels. I happen to think they put on a great show. I know the fighters are paid well. Mr. Ayre has put together a top notch team of employees and has committed over 50 million of his dollars to get the show on the road.

Bodog is giving us mainly no cost mma entertainment from all around the world. When they run a ppv. we should support it by purchasing the show. This goes for all the shows out there. Support them all and quit the bashing. Constructive criticism great! Let them know what you would like to see.But in my book it's support, support and support!

Best Regards to all,

Steve Berger Sr.

ps I enjoy looking at the girls on the show. I am surprised to hear guys complaining!

Be sure to watch Bodog tonight (4\17\07)My son steve is featured and I understand this fight is all action.