Bodog Fight - S. Haigh

Anyone else see this last night? Excellent fight. Haigh is still nasty as hell.

TTT for Fight Factory!


awesome job. that was the hardest i've ever seen steve throw. i thought for sure he was going to get the KO.

Didn't catch the fight. Is this Stephen Haigh from Fight Factory that is being reffered to? If so, hes a tough kid, glad to hear things are going well for him. Who'd he fight and what was the outcome? Thanks in advance.

Do they still put the Bodog fights up on the website?

yeah, haigh went three rounds with some japanese dude named wada. haigh out-scrambled him in the last round and tapped him with an RNC.

kind of a boring fight, neither guy engaged much.

bodog has rocked this season

I agree, Bodog is great this season.

-thank you guys.i fought against takuya wada,a solid fighter from pancrase/shooto.the fight in costa rica was very fun and interesting.fighting outdoors in that climate was different for sure.i didn't know how the fight would play out on the ground because of the heat and sweat,but i was fortunate to catch his back and get the choke.

-steve haigh

Very impressive, congrats!

Steve you looked great. Your stand-up was sharp.

Top marks, Steve--hope to see you back in the BodogFight ring soon!