Bodog Nielsen Ratings?

Does anybody know how Bodog has been doing as far as TV ratings? I tried to google it and had no luck.

Also, any word on PPV buys for the last show.





As much as I love MMA,Bodog is pretty bad.they can't be doing that well.

-Boring fights.
-God awful band promotions.
-Bif Naked.
-Calvin Ayre always making a cameo with a gold pipe and some money bags.


Bodog's product is terrible. Amateruish and sleezy. Shameless self promotion.

Not sure, Ivan Trembow only seems to be obsessed with TUF ratings.

I think this season has been pretty entertaining

240,000 out of over 90 million homes is pitiful.

How would you guys improve the show?

I would:

1)Show less Calvin and less cleavage(yeah the chicks are hot but let's
try and be more professional)

2)Actually hold a show at a Nevada or California casino and tape all the
fights for broadcast instead of holding private shows in the jungle. It
adds credibility and prestige to your organization to be associated with
an Orleans or a Pechanga.

3)Reduce each episode from one hour to 30 minutes so the show is
more fast paced. Bring on sponsors other than Bodog music, Bodog
poker, and Bodog window cleaning fluid.

4)Less female fights. Yeah, they are exciting. So was Christy Martin. But
more people would still rather watch Floyd Mayweather than Christy
because she is a chick. Your target audience is overwhelmingly male,
don't forget that.

5)Royce Gracie is a legend and great ambassador for the sport. Work
with the guy so he adds more insight to the broadcast.

6)Find a network which caters more to your target demographic!

Just my 2 cents. You know what they say about opinions.

what channel is bodog on?

I stopped watching it a while ago. I enjoyed most of the fights, but the show itself was a but tedious. It's produced like an infomercial, serves as one, and thus appears as one to the general audience. It doesn't have a coherent narrative to connect show to show, or even season to season. If it was just like "Friday Night Fights" or something like that, I think they could easily get away with a non-narrative approach, but trying to straddle between a reality show, a fighting show, and an infomercial make for a poor viewing experience, in my humble opinion.

I hope it does well though. They seem to treat their fighters really well and it's nice to see female fighters get so much attention.

Cornoel needs to go as PBP guy first and for most.

^^^LOL, that's the only part of Bodog that I actually enjoy. (Aside from some of the fights, of course).

Thanks guys.

Rogie, thanks for providing carefully considered criticism that was free of abuse. Much appreciated.

"5)Royce Gracie is a legend and great ambassador for the sport. Work with the guy so he adds more insight to the broadcast."

I agree with what you said, but don't think Royce is very well suited to commentary, based on what I've seen from him in the past.

I think your other suggestions are spot on though.

One thing that really irritated me on Bodog was listening to Jeff Osborne suggest that Bodog was somehow innovating in the area of heavyweights, and that their heavyweights were much more skilled than in other organizations. I normally like Jeff's commentary, and don't mind a little shilling here and there, but this was just laughable.

Personally, I would focus on the show as presenting up and comers in MMA, and not try to suggest that this is the best talent around. I'm not sure of the best way to do that though...if I did know, I'd have my own MMA show...Maybe they should turn it into a TUF-style reality show.

BubbaRay--I could be wrong here, but what I took from the comments Jeff made was that Bodog seemed to have entertaining heavyweight fights in greater proportion to other groups that he had watched, not that our heavyweights were necessarily more or less skilled than other orgs. The way fighters are put together can often make a fight--something that Miguel Iturrate has proven quite good at--and you do not necessarily need world-beaters to sometimes make for a spirited battle.

That is just my take on what Jeff said both on and off camera about our heavyweights. I honestly do not think that he was dissing the HWs from other orgs.

Dave Meltzer had ratings for the June 19 episode in a recent issue of the Observer.

Both the initial airing and the repeat drew less than 200,000 viewers if I'm not mistaken :-(.

It's not like they're not advertising the show but for some reason their ratings are horrible.

The production sucks.

The only thing I can't swallow is people saying that the fights are boring. What?!?!?! Not every fight is a barn-burner, granted, but every org has it's occasional snoozer. I think the proportion of great fights to lackluster bouts is incredibly high for the exciting ones. Most of the fights I see are two fighters going for it with fairly equally matched skills and a ton of heart because they are trying to prove something. I love the fights.

The production value has also shot way up since they started. Doesn't look as choppy and the camera angles are getting better. I like seeing the girls too.

The Coronel is spirited, for sure, but not terrible. Perhaps he should take a bit of a backseat to more knowledgeable commentators, however, sometimes more knowledgeable commentators are too quiet and/or are fighters themselves who would basically do a play by play. That's not exactly what you want in a commentator. Kind of a catch 22, but no deal breaker...

I tune in to watch all the time. Sometimes I wish the same episode wouldn't air for so long and wish we could see more fights, but hey, Bodog still shows more fights per episode than TUF.