Bodog not on ION anymore?

MMA weekly still has the new season (vancouver) listed on ION tuesdays at 10...but ION has informercials listed (& playing). i even looked a few weeks ahead on the schedule...infomercials every tue.

what gives?


i thought they just resigned with that pos channel?

Would you want your MMA show to be right after "The Wonder Years"?

Bodog Fight to go on television hiatus

Wonder Years was the only reason to watch that horrible channel.

I get more than enough heavy metal and toughguy shit from watching UFC as it is...

ION had Wonder Years reruns?

I thought it was infomercials, Kung Fu and Bodog.


It was only like a week ago when someone from Bodog posted on here that they were no longer on Ion and that they would be back after some restructuring that'll make it better hopefully.