Bodogfight Season 3 tonight!!!

April 16, 2007

Following the overwhelming success of its sophomore series, Bodog Fight changes backdrops for the third installment in its mixed martial arts series. Swapping the frozen tundra of St. Petersburg for the sunny shores of Costa Rica, Bodog Fight: Costa Rica Combat promises bigger brawls and smaller bikinis.

The first episode debuts this Tuesday, April 17th at 11 p.m. / 10 p.m. Central on ION Television, and features six of the most exciting pound-for-pound fighters in MMA.

In the opening bout, 28-year-old Jake Shields (16-4-11) from San Luis Obispo, California takes on 27-year-old Ray Steinbeiss (8-3-0) from Tempe, Arizona. A student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Vale Tudo fighting legend Cesar Gracie, Shields is one of the best MMA fighters in the world. Will Steinbeiss be able to stop his powerful takedown and submission attempts? The Bodog Fight veteran is up to the challenge as an SWKA Kickboxing champion, Arizona State Wrestling Champion, and IFC Tournament winner.

In other action, 28-year-old Piotr Jakacynski (2-0-1) from Stockholm, Sweden faces 33-year old Steve "The Red-Nosed Pit Bull" Berger (18-15-3) from St. Louis, Missouri. With 37 pro-fights under his belt, Berger is a seasoned veteran with the courage to match his nickname. He admits to getting nervous before his fights, but those nerves quickly become fuel for the coming battle.

"I tend to feed off that nervousness and anticipation though, and channel it into positive energy," he said.

A stock broker by day, Jakacynzki is a pain broker by night. While his stock may be on the rise, once he steps through the ropes the only numbers he'll be thinking about are one-two!

In addition to being broadcast on ION Television, all episodes of the series will be available worldwide through video streaming on Fight fans will get access to previews, recaps, behind-the-scenes exclusives, fighter bios and additional footage only available online.

Go Jake!

What provider carries ION?

it is broadcast tv used to be PAX

Jake Shields has 11 draws? Am I reading how the fighters record correctly (W-L-D)? I didn't think he even had that many fights let along 11 draws.

Thats really cool its starting back up so soon.

Will it look like total shit or are they going to step the production up?

What "overwhelming success" did Bodog Season 1 and 2 have? Beat out the "Magic Bullet" infomercial? Great lead in for old "Kung Fu" episdodes?

What the hell is Jake Shields doing on Bodog TV? Shouldn't he have gotten straight onto the PPV?


ion used to be pax?

i knew it!

i kept watching bodog stuff going, "i think this is a christian network, but i can't really tell."

but that's kind of weird. bodog sandwiched between m.c. hammer's gospel power hour and re-runs of growing pains? i'm not sure how jesus would feel about all of this, but i'm okay with it.

big ups to the christian network guys.

Seriously...They need to get Shields in there with THE GOAT so jake can get his ass kicked!