BodogRUMOR:Larosa vs. D'Auguste

An anonymous reliable source with Bodog has told me that on 7/14/07, BodogFIGHT will have their first USA show.  It looks like it will be in New Jersey.  Here are the rumored matches, not signed:

Tara LaRosa vs. Laura D'Auguste - 135lbs women's Bodog Title

Eddie Alvarez vs. Ray Steinbess

Yuki Kondo vs. Trevor Prangley - 185 Bodog Title


Wow! I, for one, think that's a great fight.

great chicks fight...

I have only seen a few womens matches. When both women come in ready I like to see them compete. I don't care to see a one sided beat down on a woman though.

if this is true,NOT gonna be a one sided beatdown....

no opnions on the other matches?


Kondo vs Prangley has promise. But I'm guessing it will be a decision for Prangley.

I wonder if Calvin will be brave enough to try and step foot on American soil?...Probably not, he'll more than likely be watching via satellite...

If this happened, it will be an amazing fight!

Great matchup on the women's fight. It will be great to see Laura get to fight on a bigger stage

Tara vs. Laura woul dbe a barn burner

I hope they keep Amanda in mind for a title shot down the line. Her fight
with Tara was great.

I'd like to see Ray vs. Eddie

It would be a standup war!

Wow, Id love to see this fight and I'd hate to see either one lose. They have both been my favorite female fighters for several years now. Good luck to both ladies and nice job BoDog making it happen. TTT

Im sure Amanda will get the rematch


i wanna see pele fight damnit

Will A.C. be the venue?

Ray Steinbeiss VS Alvarez = BOOM, both guys are star quality fighters.