body fat %?

How do i determine my body fat % and how do i attack that mainly, diet and cardio im guessing, because im comfortable at my size now and really dont want to lose "weight" but just fat ya kno?

The best easy way is to buy a calipher. I got a Slimguide for under $20 and it supposedly is pretty accurate (if used correctly). The problem with a calipher is that if you do a four-point meaurement you can't do it yourself. That means you have to have someone trained to do an accurate measurement or you have to train them yourself which can be a problem if you don't know the correct way to do one. Lyle McDonald has a decent set of instructions for using a calipher on his bodyopus site:

I also have one of the better Tanita bodyfat scales which may people poohpooh as being totally inaccurate. However, in my case at least the Tanita and the calipher measurements I take are pretty close--generally within 1% of each other. With the Tanita you have to take the measurement at the time of day suggested in the manual and follow the other suggestions to get an accurate reading.


thanks alot man, where can i buy one of theese, like any type of models thing?

I have the Tanita model BF682 pictured on this page: . I got this one because it is a family model that allows up to four different people to store their settings in it and because it has an athlete mode for accurately measuring low bodyfat/high musclemass individuals (which I hope to be someday). If you don't have other people using your you might check out other cheaper models. I think paid about $75 including shipping for this model after finding the cheapest site selling one on . It was some Bed&Bath speciality site whose name I can't remember.

I bought the Slimguide caliper on (a great supplement site as well) but that was at least 3 years ago and I don't know if they even carry them any more. In fact a quick check of their site reveals they don't still carry that caliper but they have 2 others that look pretty good for around the same cost. You might try for the Slimguide if you want to find that one.

Good luck.