Body Flow- Starting suggestions?


Any suggestions on how to begin Body Flow exercises? I've ordered the video series, but until then, where should I start?
From the first exercise shown? Is there a progression?

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Thanks! Yes, I have the book, and am extremely interested in applying it, and was just wanting some general help in starting. I'm looking forward to the body flow videos, to see how the movement patterns are in a dynamic fashion.

I've been training martial arts for a long time, TKD, boxing, wrestling in school, filipino martial arts, Taiji. Right now I just work kickboxing with some friends. I'm also a physical therapist, so I'm aware of the Feldenkreis work and various bodywork approaches.

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Thank you for replying, I just wanted some general ideas on which to start. It all seems pretty overwhelming because there are quite a few exercises described in the book.

Upon reading Body Flow, I'm reminded of the first time I read Awareness through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais. It was the first time I heard anyone speak of how our postures/movements create "mood". He, and now Mr. Sonnon, clearly describe what it is I think I've been searching for in all the training I've done in martial arts, and also why I was so enamored of the short time I spent in gymnastics and acrobatics.

Sort of like hitting that one great shot in golf, you endure all the mishits and duffs, just to get to the next good shot. Searching for that "flow state", no matter how many times I've stumbled... Just like the other day when i was practicing boxing, my left hook "left" me! What was once a reliable tool (my old boxing coach complimented me once, by saying I had a natural left hook), was all tweaked! Just when it seems like you've got one thing down, something else gets all funny!

From the testimonials on this forum, it seems like working through Mr. Sonnon's material will help deal with this. I'm looking forward to seeing how I'll progress as I work through the exercises.

Another question, (for everyone else as well), what are the specific benefits you had working through the biomechanical exercises? Increased body awareness, direct carryover to fighting/movement skills?

Also, how do you feel these new Body Flow videos will be different from the Maximology, Zdorvye etc.,
Will it be an expansion of, or something else entirely?

thanks again for your advice and time,