Body Lock pass with the gi?

Since watching Gordon execute this passing strategy Ive been toying with it and honestly, I really like it. From the basics that I know, its effective for me and I feel like it takes a lot of stress off my hands and wrists - I should clarify, Im using this in the gi.

I dont generally watch instructionals at all but Im seriously considering buying his body lock instructional. Question for our members who use this - Is it effective/a good idea to use as a passing strategy in the gi?

I think Im very proficient in gi guard passing but I want to try new things and am liking this. Am I wasting my money to buy this when I grapple primarily in the gi? Thanks

I like it from halfguard to kill their outside under hook. I’ve never really played around with it from the guard in the gi. I’m interested to hear what some of you guys have to say about it.

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I pass similar to body lock but without the gripped hands, i.e. my elbows squeezing near his hips and my arms against his body, hands sometimes gripping the gi on uke’s torso. Everything else is pretty similar. Once in a while I try to get the full grip with my hands to see if it makes a big difference and honestly, I don’t know yet. In the gi, you can control uke quite well without the grip around the waist. I know it’s more uncomfortable for uke with the full grip but I find it restricts me.

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thanks. yeah its restrictive but I think maybe my lack of understanding of this system might limit my insight. There are times to grip and to release the grip, I just dont know too much about it as I said but I do like the option of using a gable grip instead of grabbing the gi because my hands are tore the fuck up after decades on the mat. Looking forward to more insights here

Gordon says the term bodylock passing is somewhat of a misnomer. The hands don’t have to be locked or even touching each other. Passing with a tight waist (wrestling seatbelt) and a hand monitoring the near knee is a form of body lock passing, for instance.

I’d say in the gi if the guy’s arms are free watch out for loop chokes.


I’m interested in feedback here also as I’ve been considering pair gazing his body lock instructional but I also play primarily in the gi.

Pair gazing…wtf? That’s supposed to be “buying”

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lol, so that wasn’t about Gordan Ryan’s uke.