Body Type problems.

Kyles: Ah, yeah, my friend has only been doing it a half a year, that makes a big difference.

I'm just at a bit of a loss because everyone else is coming along so quickly.

200g of of protein a day across 6 meals and a year in the gym

Some people learn faster than others. Bodytypes MAY play a part in that; It just has to be accepted when it does. I doubt he's any weaker than Helio, but I bet there aren't many people on these forums that could pass HIS guard, so I have to agree with Kyle that strength - while certainly "an" issue - is not "THE" issue here. Yes, it would be nice if he could put on some muscle mass, but I honestly don't think that would help. I would humbly suggest that you have him try NOT to keep someone in his guard; When an opponent begins their pass, have him move his hips away and go to knees or stand up. It kinda sounds like he's trying to use inadequate strength to counter basic technique - and good technique will usually win out over strength regardless. He could way 40 pounds more and it might not make any difference! Sounds like he needs to move away more than resist or counter, the way I'm interpreting your posts. The "no hands" drill sounds like a good thing to work on, as well.


Adam: But at the same time, using Helio as an example is neither here nor there. Technique can make up for a lack of attributes, but only so far if the skill levels are all within the same ballpark.

Also, I feel it's grossly oversimplying not to take into account body types. Who would be more effective at working a classic BJJ bottom game: A 5'10 160 pound fighter, or a 6-2, Obese 375 pound fighter.

Sometimes you have to make the required range of motion, mobility and strength requirements to use certain tactics.

I'm just looking for more tactics. And I love the suggestions everyone given...

I'm 6'2" and I have been as light as 160lbs, this was witha pretty decent gut on me still so I should think we have a very similar build. I play guard a lot and the big strong guys still have a pretty hard time passing my guard. I play closed guard a lot and go for collar chokes and triangles as my main attacks.

I also used to have trouble with arm triangles until my instructor showed me what I was doing wrong. No insult to you but I think he just needs a better instructor to be able to pinpoint exactly why he's having so much difficulty.

Estan: Oh, something I really forgot to mention. This is no Gi. That was something I didn't clarify at all, sorry about that. Without the gi, there are a lot less handles and points of control.

Yeah I'm sure he does need a better instructor, since I have no idea what I'm doing, there for I have to come on here and ask, right? Sorry, it's hard to hear that without getting offended. But *Shrugs* The rest of the 10-15 people I instruct have no problems what so ever, just this particular student.

So I decided that protecting my ego wasn't as valuable as helping my friend and student progress a bit faster, so I asked on here for some tips.

And again, Estan... Those 30+ pounds you have over my friend can make all the difference... That's like two weight classes. With have a grappler right now who's about 6'4" and 160 and he's not having nearly the problems my 6'4' 130 pound student is having. But again, 30+ pounds is two weight classes at least.

But thanks everyone for the helpful tips, I'll have to take everything under consideration and see what works. Special thanks for 4 ranges for understanding what I'm dealing with here.

One last aside. Sure Techinique is King, but let's reference a few things. I'd easily say that Royler is one of the best with and without the gi when it comes to BJJ. I would say that his skills are quite a few steps above Mat Wizard Mario Sperry.

So if technique is all, then why did Royler get choked out?

That's exactly the situation I'm dealing with here, when he's grappling against people that are near his level, the weight and strength defeceit is too much to overcome, from standing to the ground.

He needs to BULK UP!

"So if technique is all, then why did Royler get choked out?"

Bad example..many BJJ stars have been caught by lesser fighters in competition when the weights were even. Royler also beat leo dalla and joe morriera by a huge amounts of points before tapping them in competition. Thats the nature of competition.

ALso, gi no gi doesnt matter. Did you see leozinho vs. Kerr in ADCC. Leozinho lost that match by a -1 point. Pretty close if you consider the huge weight difference and the fact that the match was almost all standup...Kerr's forte.

There are technical problems with this guys guard and they need to be addressed.

Kill him!

technique without confidence is nothing!

sometimes beginners especially, are aware of all the chocies they have, but hesitate or second guess themselves... if you got someone like that you can be explaining all the different techniques, and options etc etc you want, but they'll just keep repeating the same mistake over and over. so if its technique only, than you can solve that problem easily, but if its someone who's in the process of jerking their self esteem than not much you can do...

one more thing, maybe he's reached a plateau (sp) or something, can't expect all of your styudents to advance at the same pace/level can you?

ps. his personal best may not always live up to your expectations of what his personal best should be...:) be patient and he'll come around, i'm sure...

good luck


You mentioned dietary problems. I have a ton of food allergies, and know that it makes it tough to put on mass (hence I don't:-) BUT working with a dietician and a decent program in the gym 3-4 days a week might really help.


strength shouldn't have that much to do with it. im easily 2 or 3 times stronger than my trainer but i still cant pass his gaurd and he pretty much passes mine at will. theres something in his technique thats missing or wrong. tell him to keep training.

KAI, not to make this into a judo vs bjj thread but you love making trollish posts about bjj and judo being the same but this is a perfect example of BJJ having a lot more details involving certain positions such as the guard that judo generaly can not teach you. its a fact that the game of judo doed not require a great guard to excell at. you need to open your own mind and seek a legit BJJ instructor to teach you the right way.

Craptastic, you are simply a troll. Instead of suggesting things, or making constructive comments, you turn this into a personal attack thread.

Thank you so much, this is exactly what the people who train under me need.

Softspot: You're exactly right, I shouldn't quite expect everyone to progress at the same speed and honestly, if I see this problem, I should just take time out to address the problem, rather than ask on here then address the problem.

With the Holiday break, I still haven't had a chance to train with him solo and see what in particular he's have problems with using so far.

And It's funny, because on Wednesdays, I usually get to work one on one with a few of the students and they are progressing so much quicker.

K2: Exactly, yeah he has a number of Food Allergies which has always made eating a problem for him. But I'll suggest he see a dietician and we'll see what happens.