Body Type

A comprehensive chart:


I think I'm between ottermode and athletic.

Also notice the sweet hernia. I rub it for good luck every time I deadlift.

Please feel free to post your pics so I can save them in my harddrive.

 Hey aboveandbeyond,

Are you okay? Your face looks really strange in that picture. I would have a doctor look at that.


I'd put you closer to athletic than swimmer.

Umbilical hernia? I had one of those.

I can't decide which one I'm closer to. I'm like some abomination of a mix of swimmer, skinnyfat and builtfat.

 LOL wtf are you playing?

Nice obliques though. I'm somewhere similar but less ab development and more shoulders/arms.

My gf says she preferred me when I was ottermode.

I'm swimmer/athletic too.

I'm probably builtfat. I'm not really seeing the difference there between built and bodybuilder.

When I think "built" I think of Evegny Chigishev, or Zhang Guozheng