Body-weight better for weight loss

I'm trying to lose some weight at the moment. On the cardio side of it I've been running and using the elliptical machines. I've also been hitting the weights . Thing is as an experiment I tried forgetting the weights for a week and doing some bodyweight stuff instead. I was doing press-ups, dips, pull-ups, etc.

I've got to admit these feel like they're working better for weight loss. I've decided to get organised and put together a 12-week plan to get myself started, because unless I get a formal plan I tend to get lazy. Would it be a good idea to maybe leave the weights at the start and concentrate on bodyweight stuff until I hit my target weight? Any of you guys have experiance with this?

This is just my opinion but I feel the most important things for weight loss are, in order:

  1. Diet

  2. Cardio

  3. Some sort of strength training

On an unrelated note are you running LSD or preforming sprints and intervals because the latter is better for weightloss as well as strength maitenence.

Now onto weights vs. bw for weight loss: I feel no lifting program is going to make you gain unless you compliment it with eatting. Concurrently, when you preform bodyweight exercises you typically are getting more of a cardio benifet than with weights. I do, however feel to the best way to gain strength is weights and not bodyweight exercises. So you are left with a couple options 1. Preform lifting in a circuit type fashion 2. Continue your weight lifting regimine and accept weight loss a little slower while maintaining strength or 3. Continue bodyweight progrm and accept what may be a strength loss (although almost certainly a strength endurance gain)

Most important is just that you are doing SOME srt of strength training, so now it just becomes personal preference

Hope this helps


Well my plan was to do bodywieght until I lose the weight I want, then re-introduce the weights. You don't think this would work?

Oh no, sorry if you interpreted it that way, it's not at all what I meant. Bodyweight exercise an cardio are a great way to lose weight. My point was if you do cardio and have a clean diet you will lose weight.

When chosing weights or bodyweight you analyize what you want. BW gives you more endurance while changing up your routine. Typically it does work your cardio system as well, thus burning more calories. Weights work up more strength and pending on how you lift will burn as many calories as you want it to.

My point was you will lose weight do to cardio and diet. Make your strength choice on preference.

Hope this was a bit clearer


But if your looking for a good, organized bodyweight workout check out Scrappers ( site for some really good bodyweight workouts. One of his workouts will fit your current fitness level.

if you want to lose weight, you can do explosive high-rep dumbell snatches, clean @ jerks or other ballistic movements.

Be 'careful' with 'weight loss' because when you do any resistenance training it tends to build muscle faster then cardio does.  If you do this inconjunction with cardio your 'weight loss' may appear small.  BUT if your losing inch's off your cut and and body then why be bothered by it.

The scale means jack sh!t imo unless you need to be in a weight category.

If you look good it doesn't matter if you weigh 25lbs heavier then anyone else at your body weight.

Just stick with whatever your doing and EAT A CLEANER LEANDER DIET.  Get rid of as much processed and junk food as possible.

BEER and SODA are VERY VERY VERY big killer in a 'good diet'.  A few cans of beer each days ADDS up to  more then a days worth of calories or even more depending on how much you drink.  WATER IS THE BEST.

Another tip is to eat your food slower.  Chew it more.  You will feel 'full' sooner.


eliptical is worthless.

Not necessarily.  If it gets your heart rate up then it's good.  I'm in pretty good shape and it will get my heart rate going.  Maybe not as much as a Stairmill or running on a treadmill at the highest incline, but it's pretty ignorant to say that it's worthless.

Aren't Taku's intervals recommended for use with an eliptical?

Novice, yes.

I like the elliptical for cardio esepcially since my knees don't like running or any impactful exercises.

Exactly.  Anything can be worthless if you're not doing it right.

Resistance training is resistance training. It doesn´t matter wether you use artificial tools or your bodyweight for resistance.

There is some motivational advantage to bw exercises in so far as losing fat will make you better at them. Sumo wrestlers are strong, but I bet I can chin more...

HK is spot on, don't obsess about weight, size is much more useful a measure. And there is no reason not to lift weights, in fact if you put on some muscle, you will be using up more calories just wandering about.

I relise that, but I'm a big beliver in going with your ionstincts. You body usually tells you what's right I think. I was thinking of just doing squats/deadlifts with a shoulder press 2/3 times a week and the rest of the time focussing on running or bodyweight. Maybe I'll try that

"You body usually tells you what's right I think."

So how did you get the fat in the first hand?

He is expecting a child?

By not listening to it of course.

Although I have been feeling queasy in the mornings ...