Body weight exercises/mass buildin

I can only go to the gym for weight lifting 1 day a week. What are some good body weight routines (push ups/body squats etc that can help build muscle?

one legged squats with a back pack on your back.  5reps on each leg with no rest is a killer.

Pull ups weighed if you have a bar or something to hang on to do.

If you have rings you have a variety but you need to EAT A LOT TO GET BIG in genral and lift heavy and have some high volume mixed up at periods.

Push ups weighed and at inclines is also good.


Handstand push ups rock too. If your into yoga at all, there are lots of challenging poses you could do. Not sure if you could put on much mass w/ them, that's mostly going to come from the food and getting adequate resistance.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here the URL for Scrapper's page: -

It's pretty easy to buy a backpack and put some weight in it too. I prefer these sorts of methods to one handed pushups and that sort.

However, ironjoe is not correct. Gymnasts and sprinters/hurdlers are good examples. Plyometrics are key to getting big with bodyweight stuff, but not going to the gym should not limit someones ability to use added weight.


Zen Writer,

Other people in this thread have already offered some good exercise suggestions.  Just my extra 2 cents...

If you don't have access to the gym on a regular basis, try to push yourself by using some stunts.

You can read an article at powerathletesmag that I wrote on the subject.

The focus of the article is on using stunts in your training to keep things fresh and to help break through plateaus, however stunts also serve as a reminder for us to challenge yourself physically and creatively.  There is lots you can do without weights...

good luck.


Thanks guys.
whats an L-hold?

Lots of good stuff listed so far.. but I just want to say that on that 1 day in the gym -- I'd hit deadlifts or rack pulls hard -- 10-12 sets of 3.Also something like chest supported rows..Basically just make sure you beat the shit out of your upperback..My new favorite is farmers walks..Hope that img worked.

Yeah it works.

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Hey Ryno do you do any sub wrestling or nhb training along with your weight training?

I was until January when I broke my ankle.. I'm not ready for it yet now, both because my leg isn't fully healed and I'm scared as hell something will happen again. I'll probably start back up after the summer.