BodyFlow and Shashka?

Hi Coach,

After reading bodyflow for the first time last week I was inspired to go for a run. This is something I haven't done in years.

I have always had good anerobic conditioning from all my boxing, fencing, etc however aerobic capacity has always been a problem due to this type of exercise being dead boring and for me, quite frustrating.

Whilst running I tried out your "bellows" breathing method as I began to get short of breath and was absolutely amazed to discover that I immediately got my breath back and was able to continue to run for half an hour or so solid for the first time in my life. In addition, I actually enjoyed myself.

During Years and years of Football training I had been told to "suck it in" when getting tired. This has now changed forever to "push it out".

Thanks very much for your book, that one little passage on breathing has made a big difference to my training.

Onto the Shashka.

I noticed when perusing your weapons videos that our hoplophobic goverment most likely won't let us import that there is a section on the Russian Shaska Sabre.

This is very exciting to me as a European Swordsmanship Reconstructor. Is this a living lineage passed to you through your instructors? Anything you tell about the system, it's origin, methods of practise etc would be extremely greatfully accepted.

Also, I would be happy to buy the video however the Bayonet video that accompanies it would not pass customs here. Is there any chance that you could make an exception in this case and just sell me the sabre vid?



Congratulations on your achievement! No small accomplishment and only the first of many to come.

Regarding the Shashqa... The video series is entitled "BAYONET!" (as in the call to mount bayonets to rifles). It's not "about" the bayonet, though there are portions addressing this.

Contact my office to see if there's anything they can do to help you -

Coach Sonnon

Hi Coach,

Shall Do.

Thanks again,