Bodyguard in Miami slapping the crap out of everyone

No, I’ll have to check that thread out. Sounds interesting. I agree, the more modest, the more curious. :slight_smile:

I’ll check that thread out now.


We have an epidemic of gold digging whores.


I like pitching an easy softball to find out who knows what. +1


No, that would make sense. Gold has real value like cash. These chicks are chasing likes for slutty pics and handbags to be shown off in between those slutty pics. They’ll have nothing but documented shame when they’re done. And out of fashion handbags.

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SA literally a website for them to openly gold dig on. No shame. It’s an interesting time.

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Those likes can turn into money - onlyfans or product placement ads as well as appealing to rich athletes - it’s all about the “gold”.

I know a gal that became an “influencer” and worked hard to date a pro athlete in the city and she eventually did. Follow the money.

If a comedian said it, there’s a solid chance I know exactly what comedian said it. I re-watch stand up comedies all the time. Currently am on a Gary Delaney kick. I love short joke/one liners. Burr isn’t a one liner but he’s one of the best.

You ever notice how Burr had like 3 stand up specials and in each of his specials he had a bit about how the world needs to have less people in it?

Well Burr always came off as a “rant” type of comedian like he was an angry “get off my lawn” type of comedian, unhappy with the world. Then last year the pandemic hit, thousands of people died. Fast forward to Bill Burr’s monologue on Saturday Night Live, he has a pep in his step lol. He’s more smiley, joyful. And it’s because the pandemic wiped out a lot of people ha ha ha

I’m not even sure if he planned to come off happy or if it was just natural but either way, I find the whole lead up to that incredibly funny.

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All respect to the ones that do it and save the money, but one of my fuck buddies did (probably still does) chaturbate and anytime she made money there she wanted to go to casino, clubs, or buy dumbest shit possible like shoes or purses. Now she’s close to 40 and shit not so cool with no real career when shit went down and she lost her local job. A ton of other chicks joined during those cam things during pandemic and killed that market for the mediocre ones that were there before.

I’m betting more of those influencers fall into that category of spending all of it to look cool. It’s like drug dealers that spend like that money is guaranteed forever.

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So how do we know he’s a “bodyguard”? Because he is the only one who looks like he’s been inside a gym at some point? The rest of those “men” had the body of sixth grade girls

anyone know what started the whole thing?

Some of those other chicks are legit hot though

Did you guys see any wife material in that clip?


I wish he would have slapped the blonde chick.

What’s the backstory on this?

Wait a minute. I didn’t know there were other men in the video. I thought he was slapping ugly fat women. Those were dudes?

This would make more sense if any of those dudes weighed a buck

Very accurate first post :slight_smile:

They call that A Flattie is southern Africa. I have seen some good ones. The noise of those was outstanding :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if any woman under 30 is wife material, period.