Bodyguards and Clients?

I often wonder are the clients that hire bodyguards required to learn some form of self defence or get weapons training of their own? What happens if the bodyguard gets injured or killed while working, does that mean the client is at the mercy of the attacker? I tend to think it is not smart or even realistic to depend exclusively on a bodyguard for protection but more of less see them as a primarly line of defense.

All board members at Hewlett Packard are required to have at least a purple belt in BJJ or at least be an All-American wrestler at the D1 level.

Maybe my message was not clear. When I use the word clients I mean celebrities or anyone that wants to hire the services of a bodyguard.

Are "ESI, Blackwater, Gunsite, Thunder ranch, Frontsight" the names of bodyguard training outfits?

Take the average celebrity and give them 1 year of intensive training... in whatever you want. Then give me a call, I gurantee they won't be ready for me.