"Bodyweight Bsics" email - thoughts?

A lot of people have it in their heads that training
needs to be complicated to be effective. While there
most certainly are some "unusual" bodyweight movements
that have value, you can go a long way with some really
basic stuff.

Let me tell you about an exercise that is surprisingly
challenging: I call it a "get up" (not to be confused
with "The Turkish Get up" which is a little different).

At any rate, all you need is a floor with enough open
space to lie down.

Now: Start from a standing position, go down to a
lying position with your chest on the floor and then
get back up.

This isn't a fast movement, this is not a burpee or
squat thrust, there should not be any bouncing, no
jerky movements or the like, basically just doing
like you are standing up after taking a nap on the

Simple right?



No question.

Good, now do that 50 times in a row.

Stand up. Lie down. Stand up. Lie Down. Ad infinitum.

I'm not going to tell you "how" to stand up or "get
down" because I feel that part of the value is to
use your body in a way you aren't used to.

Do the first couple reps in whatever manner is most
comfortable. You'll notice that you do them more or
less the same way every time. You always step with
your right foot, or turn the same direction etc,

Your goal is to now make every successive rep just
a little but different -- kinda makes it a whole
new ballgame.

This movement is basically low impact, it doesn't
require technical know-how, it counts as weight
bearing exercise, no equipment needed, proprioreception?
check. and it is surprisingly taxing cardiovascularly,
even if you are in shape. Young kids can do it and so
can older folks who usually don't get much training time.

Try it out and never before will your floor seem
so interesting.

I sure can't think of a more "functional" exercise.

Train hard,
John Wood

John Wood is great. I've had the pleasure of meeting John, and his father Kim (long time NFL strength coach). They are awesome guys.