Bodyweight Exercise DVDs and Books?

What are your favorite bodyweight exercise DVDs and books?

1 - Scrapper's Mod. 1 and free training programs.  Get to now and check them out.

2 - Ross Enamait's "Never Gymless."  ("Infinite Intensity" wasn't a bodyweight training book).  Info for it can be found at

Wiggy - workout plans

Igor Kurinnoy's "Physical Preparation for the Fighter".

 Also SCRAPPERS Card PT is quite good.


In this order, Fit to Fight by Kirik. I pack it when I go on the road and constantly refer to it for programs and drills. It makes a perfect companion to the fighter notebook. Since I became injured I also discovered Mr. Sonnons Flow Fit program, it's awesome. Seriously, get the Fit to Fight book.