Bodyweight Exercise for Legs?

What is the best body weight exercise for the legs besides pistols (one leg squats) that will make them strong and increase mass? My reason for excluding pistols is because I am unable to do them. Thanks.

leg lunges, or free squats without weights.

bootstrappers are really good.

Not sure if they build much mass, you generally need to use weight to put on any significant amount of mass.

The most mass i ever put on my legs at one time was by using bodyweight workouts. Twice a week as part of my workout i would do 20 bw squats (feet flat, low as you want) followed by 5 jump-squats. Repeated until exhaustion with no rest. Worked wonders for me. :)

How many sets of that were you able to go through before having to stop, HULC?

If you can't do pistols then you should try partial pistols on a chair or step, then gradually decrease the height of the object you are squatting to.

I agree on bodyweight stuff adding mass, it did for me even more than weights!

The flat footed squats are superior to hindu squats because there is no momentum and there is more hip than knee involvement in the flat footed. Combined with high jumps or long jumps in a complex is a good way to blast your legs.

Change up's are good. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. The movement is similar to an Olympic lift (can't remember which is which...) you explosively bring the left leg forward and right leg back, ending with you kneeling on the back leg. Now jump up and switch the positions of your legs as quickly as you can so that you land in the same position but with the right leg forward.

Now repeat.

Best to do on mats or with knee pads on though unless you want to bugger your knees up. Also don't SLAM your weight down, and also try to start the upward movement as quickly after you land as possible.

This is a horrible description but I hope you get the idea.

Stair jumps or box jumps work great, too.

Stair jumps can be hard on the knees though, so take it easy on the reps until you see how your knees react.

Try doing one legged squats, by resting one leg,
( the instep )on a weight bench, chair, etc, behind you. You will have to play aound with positioning to how you feel comfortable with it. Works great!!

p4p, Usually about 6. I really, really hated that exercise at the time as it beat the crap out of me. I was also quite unfit when i started doing it so i could probably surpass that amount now. Give it a try yourself and tell me what you think.

If you want to do free squats w/o weights, then try doing them on a wobble board. This will increase the functionablity of your legs as well. If a wobble board is too expensive, then invest in a pair of pvc pipes (large enough so you can place one foot on a pipe) or a pair of "pool noodles" (again, large enough to place your foot on one of them). However, pipes or pool noodles will not be as challenging as a wobble board. If you have the money, get two wobble boards (one for each foot).

The hardest thing I ever did and still do are pistols on a unstable surface which wobbles to all sides. I don´t know how you call that in English but normally kids use this thing and it is even used for sport injury rehabilitation. It´s so hard to do a pistol on this board.

Shiko - sumo-style stomps. I guarantee if you do 100 of these a day, and then progress to sets of 100, your legs will look exactly the way you want them to.


What are Sumo Stomps?


What are Sumo Squats, Arabesque, and Skater Plyo Squats?

Shiko are the exercises Japanese sumotori utilize to build lower-body strength. They are very, very effective.

Stand up. Get into a squatting position where your legs are spread out, but not so uncomfortably that you can't support yourself. Put your hands on your knees. Sit up so your back is erect. Look forward. Balancing on your right leg, raise your left leg as high as you can go without losing your balance. Bring your leg down as hard as you can, stomping on the ground. Squat down with your butt, using your hands to figuratively drive your weight into the ground. Come back to original position. Sit up so your back is erect. Do the same thing with your right leg. Repeat both sides, alternating as many times as you can. Your quads, glutes, hams and groin muscles will scream for relief.

Advanced version: Do the same thing while moving your body from side to side. In other words, after you hit the ground with one leg, concentrate on moving your center of gravity from one side to the other without moving your foot or shifting your weight until you raise your leg. This puts even more stress on the glutes, hamstrings and groin muscles. I guarantee you that the definition in your lower body will increase exponentially.

It's best to do this on a dirt floor, the ground or a mat.