Bodyweight For Strength. . .

The book you're referring towas authored by the great David P. Willoughby, founder of thefirst American weight'lifting association back around 1925. He's considered to be one of the greatest training authorities of all time and "The Super Athletes" is regarded as one of the foremost works on athletic performance. The only thing he's written still in print is "The Master's Method" available from William Hinbern. But it's excellent. If you want to learn some great feats like one-arm chins, one finger push-ups, hand stand push-ups as some VERY rugged forms of bodyweight exercise, this would be the ticket.
And a Kim Wood endorsement IS impressive. I was never arguing the value of what Matt was offering, but I don't suspect Kim Wood will can all his gerard trap bars, squat racks, and Thomas Inch dumbells in deferrence to the "Royal Court" workout for the Bengals. The great thing about training, is that you can have your cake and eat it, too.(just not on the same day!) It doesn't have to either/or. It can, and ideally should be both, in the context of a well planned annual training cycle.
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Ooh I will have to check it out, I love all types of stuff like that thanks for the info! Do you have an address i can write to to get it, or is it available from books in print?
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Write to Bill at the address below and request a catalog:

William F. Hinbern
32430 Cloverdale
Farmington, MI 48336-4008

Be sure to check out his reprint of Calvert's classic "Super Strength". It ought to be right up your alley.

Pleasure talking with ya. Let's do it again soon. For now, it's off to PA.

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Here is an online list of Hinbern's books and resources. You can't order online, but all of the ordering information is on the page:CLICK HERE

To Growler:

The Discovery channel occasionally shows the documentary "SEALS The Silent Option". It shows these guys going through an obstacle course that includes flipping themselves up a series of platforms. During missions the SEALs must assault an oil rig by climbing or fastroping down ropes. They move fast. From what I have seen the SEALs need both endurance, strength, and flexibility.

I have read a lot of people talk about "functional strength". It seems to me the SEALs have this in abundance. I am not trying to start a debate here, but I must register my disagreement that SEALs are only endurance superstars.

I would like to see more comments on the weights verses calisthenics debate. Also, what does everyone think of Mike Mentzer's philosophy of performing only one set to failure? It seems to me that a learned group like this should be able to come up with the "best" workout for a warrior. Please keep this thread alive.

I especially welcome Mr. Sonnon's comments. Thank you in advance to all contributors.