I thought he looked good. I think the high Alt fucked with his wind but he looked good stand against Hammill. He did a better job than Bisping

I still don't understand exactly what happened to him - did he just really gas that quickly and completely or did he get hurt on the feet first?

i thought he gassed. ill watch it again later to confirm

 Looked to me like the altitude did a number on him. Never seen him perform looking that labored before.

it did seem like a quick wilting from Boetsch didn''t it?

 Even Goldberg noticed that Boetch was gassed, and Goldie usually misses everything.

I think he is the shit. I like that guy. Very solid.

 I'm not a fan of Hammill's, but I was impressed.

I agree Ray, Boetsch is exciting to watch . Nice style ! Hammill's jab is a tough thing to get around !

I thought Hamill had the better cardio and stayed very poised throughout even with the wicked cut on the lip from the vicious knee from Tim.

short notice, high altitude, unusually and unexpectedly strong opponent, imo.

Hard to prepare for a guy like Hamill's strength if you don't have a guy like that in your weight class where you train. I bet when he grabs you behind the neck it feels like his hand is glued onto you with his whole bodyweight hanging from it.

Wind is partly (largely) mental. Mental stress, or distress, leads to fatigue. Confidence, comfort, feeling "in the pocket" makes champions.

Cyan Garamonde - Did better than Bisping?! No way!

yes way

Ray Jackson - I think Boestch is one of the most dynamic, well-rounded fighters i've seen in a long time.

Leg kicks, front kicks, head kicks, hooks, uppercuts...everything this guy throws!{quote]

Dont forget the KNEES!!!! They were beautiful too!

I figured with the way Hammill responded to getting hit in the TV show that Boetsch had this one in the bag. It was an exciting fight all the way around.

Fan of both guys. Hammill just because he gets so much crap despite his talent. But Boetsch is one of the most entertaining fighters I've seen in a while and I hope he has a long UFC career.

He hit his head on the mat during that stuffed takedown IMO

I'd attribute the short notice rather than the altitude. Doesn't Hammill train in upstate NY? That's an altitude of like 50ft. If your up in the MTs of NY it's maybe a couple 100 ft tops. They both had the same opportunities to acclimate.

I also think that Hammill kept walking forward after taking a few punishing shots and that's gotta be a bit demoralizing.

Boetsch is good, and is a really tough guy with a diverse skill set.

That said, Hammill is a monster and just ran over Boetsh after tiring him out. I'm really impressed with Hammill.

would have enjoyed seeing that match go on longer, it could have been a good war. The altitude really had an effect on the matched last night

 Heavy hands