Bohlander Fought!!

I thought the guy was retired. I just looked him up on Sherdog. He just fought this last March in Gladiator Challenge. I think the guy he fought was a tomato can. I am not sure though.

Kinda strange. He disappeared for 3 years. Then he showed up again, but nobody talked about it. Last I heard he was trying to become a cop. Anyone got any info?

I remember people talking about it

bohlander was/is a badass...when i heard he was coming back...i hope he was gonna try and make a another run towards a belt...but i think ken said he's trying to become a cop...i wish him the best

I personally would like to see him become a trainer, I think he could produce some badass fighters.

this was semi-big news when it happened.

THIS JUST IN!!!!!! Tito Ortiz got knocked out by Chuck Liddel