Boise St = Wow

now that's what i find football lacking sometimes, it those ballsy calls by the Boise St. coach. A statue of liberty to win the game, wtf brilliant. When they scored the tying score, he didn't hesitate to call it and ou had to call a to. and the other play to tie it to go to overtime, the catch than lateral. These guys are amazing.

um lol, i don't know

Very ballsy and creative game from Boise State. They were fun to watch.

Best game I have ever seen. When they ran the hook and ladder I was screaming! Boise has been spanking Fresno State for the past few seasons ( I live in Fresno) and for all the Pat Hill mania we can't win on the blue turf. I see why. Gutsy play, all heart, and a big time win for the WAC. This may have been the nail in the coffin for the current BCS format and finally spark a playoff.

If the raiders drafted the Boise state QB in the first round, I would be fine with that!