BOISE WINS!!!!!!!!



That was like a Disney movie or something. Never seen anything like it.

what a coach, players, executing plays. Gameplanning.

This is why i love college football. I want to marry it

And a proposal at the end???



That was a fucking mazing!

Damn He has the head cheerleader.

Boise State= Baller State

high scoring, trick plays left and right, OT action, big hits, comebacks, then of the best I have ever seen



almost all of those trick plays were concentrated in the end.  from about 1 min left on the clock through OT


the rest of the time we played real, solid football

who was the player that proposed to the cheerleader?

This was one hell of a finish to a wonderful game. Holy Crap.

Running back Ian Johnson Boise State

Ian Johnson, star running back. 


He crochets and has a good sense of humor - here are a few profiles

Holy shit that was fucking AWESOME!!!!!! Me thinks its time to redraw the guidelines for getting a shot at the national title.

That was arguably the best final minutes of a football game I have ever seen. I was blown away by the trick play on the 2-point conversion...absolutely awesome! That whole team deserves a ton of respect.

That might have been the best game I've ever watched.

If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would drive from Seattle to Boise to party my ass off.

This is what college football competition is about. Both teams played their ass off

Credit goes to players for exectuion, and coach/ OC coordinator for enough balls to go for 2 and the win

that was crazy!!

amazing game.