BOLO:correct way to jacket choke

Hi Michael,

What is the correct mechanics to get a jacket choke from the closed guard (i.e-royce attempted on Takada in GP round 1??) . ?? -I also wanted to thank you for being an excellent instructor I learned so much from your ultimate pin escapes.

I'm not sure what the term "jacket choke" refers to. I have not seen the fight between Royce and Takada. Is there a pic of this technique?

Trevor- to see it completed succesfully, there is a new dvd coming out called the "So Cal Pro Am Grappling Tourney"

In it Rener does this choke to one of Titos guys.

It was a gi choke done with the skirt of his own gi. Takada wasn't wearing a gi. You can see it at about 2:58 of