Bolo do you like RubberGuard stuff

if so what do you like about the rubberguard.

The rubber guard can be very good if you have the flexibility for it. However, I can tell you that majority of my students and most other students I have come across don't have the flexibility for it.

Eddie Bravo created a game based on his body type, personality, and experiences. If you want to learn his game, then you need to develop attributes similar to his. Rather than making his game fit other people, you make your body fit his game if you want to play that game. If you are not flexible enough, then stretch until you are flexible enough. If you are overweight, then lose weight.

Have you played with it at all Bolo? If so, how did it work for you?

I don't have the flexibility to play that kind of guard comfortably. Remember that my style is about being as lazy as possible. :)

My problem with the rubber guard is that when you are holding your own foot, you aren't able to move your hips as effectively as you could and should.

I can move my hips just fine. I get armbars,sweeps, and omaplatas with it all the time. To do those techniques I need to move my hips.

You just can't try it twice and say you can't move your hips. I had trouble moving my hips when I first started trying to use it. Now It's second nature.

Maybe you're correct. Thanks.