Bolo question on Mount Escape

Hey Bolo -

A couple years ago at Diogo's you pulled a couple of armbar mount escapes, which you said was a way you get out the mount when lazy. :)

I was hoping you could give me some tips on pulling this off? I think it was the roll back over your shoulder arm bar escape?


I remember that day at Rey's. I was so freakin' tired from training at Joe Moreira's school that I felt exhausted when I went to Rey's place. I was very passive when I rolled because I was tired and felt very lazy so I used that armlock escape a lot. :)

Let's say your opponent is try to take you rright arm. Turn your right arm like you are doing the america on yourself. As you do this, walk your legs to your left so your body is more parallel to his. Then bridge over your left shoulder and turn to your knees. Do not lift your head up or else you will be put in the triangle! Keep your head on the ground and move the your opponent's back side. Once you get your head past his hips, you can lift your head up and get to the side.

That's my favorite armbar escape - good to know that I am now officially 'lazy'. It's a title I've long sought for myself...