Bolo, Thought on Garcia/his tapes

Have you seen his tapes? What are your thoughts? What I like about your tapes is your systemic approach, which I feel he uses. What are your thoughts on his tapes? Where do you think they are lacking?

Also, have you used x guard much? What's your experience been?



I have not seen those videos.

I'm not sure why people call it "x-guard". I thought that was just a variation of half guard. Doesn't Gordo teach some teach some techniques from that position in his half guard videos?

I don't use that type of guard very much and that type of guard is rarely ever done to me. My instructors smash when they pass, so I don't have the ability to do it to them and I also prefer to smash people when I pass, so I don't have it done on me very much.

Well, if you ever see them, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.

I'd say it's quite different from half 'cause of the way you control and interrelatedness of the moves that stem from that control.

his X-guard looks like a relative of the De La Riva guard to me. I enjoyed Marcelo's dvds; the interpreter was very good on this one, much better than the one on Wallid's tapes.


have you tried any of his stuff? how've you found it?

I've used his guard passing stuff. I like the one where you hold his leg with your chin to bait him to move his leg, I used it a couple times just this past week. I haven't pulled off the X-guard yet though, maybe next week. :)

bolo - i might have the garcia stuff when you come down next weekend.