Bolo vs Simco DVDs???

Which are better?

I hear good things about both sets.

It depends on your goals and background...

I have heard very negative things about Simco, lots of fabrications to his credentials and background. Go with Sperry or Marcelo Garcia instructionals

I have both and would recommend them both.

I think Simco's 4-DVD set might be better for a beginner as it sticks to some of your basics more, but I'd HIGHLY recommend Michael Jen's as well. He has a ton of material on video/DVD and is usually running some sort of special.

Both are well worth the money.

thanks guys


I have known Gene Simcoe since he was (and claimed to be) a purple belt, and I knew him when he changed teachers (to Michael Jen), and got his brown belt from Jen. He has never claimed to have a higher belt, he never claimed to be a NHB fighter. If anything Gene has always down-played his skills as a fighter, and admited his focus was on being a teacher, yet some great fighters I know, who have "rolled" with Gene have nothing but respect for him as a BJJ teacher. The Pit conciders Gene Simcoe a friend and BJJ advisor.

Ps... I buy all of Genes stuff. mIcheals stuff is good too....

If you want an instructor that was a good looking asian model, get my videos. If you want instructor who looks like Jerry Seinfeld get Gene's videos.

LOL @ bolo! I have bought from both and am happy with all of it.


WTF? Lucy Liu instructs on Bolo's videos?

I haven't seen the dvd's but I have 4 of Bolo's videos and they are awesome

I just purchased Bolo's guard 1 and guard pass dvd's and really like them. Cannot comment on other DVD's.

I posted my brief recaps, along with links to all the highlight vids, on this thread

Get Bolo's

Got Bolo's

The new DVD that Gene just put out is excellent! Marco Alvan and Marcelo Nigue show great techniques for preventing guard passes. The film quality is the best that I've seen. Marco Alvan is a black belt under Carlos Augusto, and Marcelo Nigue's instructor is under Carlson Gracie. When positions are being shown, picture-in picture is used so no detail is missed. You can see a sample of the DVD at

I cant wait for the next DVD to come out.